I often do a presentation on entrepreneurship to students in therapy programs. The first question I ask is how many of you want to have your own business one day. Typically about a third of the students raise their hands. Then I ask of you who have your hands raised, how many believe that you will one day own the business you dream of. Typically only one or two hands are left raised. Unfortunately, if you don’t believe that something is going to happen, that it is in fact feasible, then very likely you will not pursue it. Your brain will note a disconnect between what you say and what you believe and will follow the belief. Your actions will follow your belief and your environment will note your beliefs. It may sound really simple but beleiving is the first prerequisite in starting a thriving business. If you don’t believe that you can then you must search for the reasons that your mind chooses to refuse the potential to fulfill your dreams. Once those reasons are brought to the surface, you will realize that they are either irrational or obstacles that can be easily overcome with the right tools, people and resources. I BELEIVE that you can have the business that you dream of and I BELIEVE that it can thrive. What do you BELIEVE?

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