The older I get, the more I engage in occupations that I saw my mother engage in. This morning I was cooking breakfast and anticipating the morning prayer call. When my son and husband came back from an early morning basketball practice, the first thing I said is, “I am about to get on the prayer line!’ and my son responded, “You are acting like Grandma Gail.” Grandma Gail of course is my mom and she loves a prayer line! Getting on the prayer line is a more recent occupation of mine due to the pandemic. I prefer to be around people in ministry and particularly around people who are living their lives on purpose for a greater good. I have found that energy is contagious. Have you ever heard or experienced the synchronizing of women’s cycles when they are around each other a lot? What about being around someone who is very negative and then walking away and wondering why you are feeling depressed? I believe energy is transferable, thoughts are transferable and actions are transferable.

Entrepreneurs, one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself is surrounding yourself with people who have positive transferable energy. I was recently on a call with black OT professors and there was a discussion about the importance of the support network. New minorities in academia who seek out successful minorities in academia are more likely to be successful seems to be a general consensus based on conversations I have had with minority educators. I believe the same is true with entrepreneurs, if you can find other entrepreneurs who are successful and get connected, then it is more likely that you can become successful too, increase your success level and then transfer that same energy to others. For that reason, I like to participate in social media groups with positive vibes and I run fast from those that are giving off negative energy. Yes, I believe energy is transferable thru social media, thru internet platforms and prayer lines!

I am very thankful for the prayer lines I participated in this week –filled with faithpreneurs. While I was concerned about a $9000 investment, I heard a testimony from someone who just jumped into a likely $900,000 investment–sure put things in perspective for me, changed my thinking and my energy!  I want to live the abundant life that I know God has planned for me and I want to transfer that energy to my children and other current and aspiring entrepreneurs like yourself.  Therapists tell me all the time that when they get off of a call or consult with me, they “feel” like they can accomplish their business goals–that is because my passion and love for and faith in entrepreneurship is infectious!

So, my challenge to therapy entrepreneurs is to get into groups and circles and synchronize with the positive energy of those who are going higher in their endeavors and then circle back and infect others to do the same! Click here for an article about recommended groups for new entrepreneurs to consider.

Speaking of circling back, today is the 4th of July and while some of us are blessed with freedom, there are others who are in bondage. Let’s celebrate but not forget to circle back and help others!

Happy 4th!

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