Who likes getting audited? Ok, so no one is jumping up and down saying, “Me, me, me!”

Even though most business owners do not look forward to audits, there are some things that you can do to help you feel better in the event that the powers that be ask for your papers! Here are three suggestions I have based on our experience with audits!

  • Complete your own audits! We do random audits every week and a comprehensive audit for every chart at the end of the year. This year, we have implemented quarterly comprehensive audits and are investigating resources for mock audits from outside agencies.
  • If you see clients in their homes, use google maps and have clients initial for each visit. These extra measures are not required but can provide proof of service provision if service dates and times are questioned.
  • Use a cloud-based HIPAA compliant system for documentation and back up data regularly. Just because your EMR is cloud-based does not mean that you will indefinitely have access to records. Check your EMR to determine how long the company stores documentation and develop a plan to back up the files before they disappear. We download all data at the end of every year. Insurances have different time frames for how far they can go back with an audit and you want to make sure are aware and in compliance.

So, you might not be jumping up and down with excitement when an audit is being conducted but you can feel calmer about the process if you use these three suggestions!

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