Well the New Year is HERE and I am up early this morning meditating and giving gratitude just for the opportunity to be in the land of the living!  I had a late night at church breaking in the New Year in prayer–no other place I would have rather been. One of my prayers is that we would walk in our purpose of servitude without excuses. Lack of money is often an excuse people use not to do what they know good and well that they are called to do. There is no shortage of money! I repeat, THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF MONEY! It exists in abundance. Some of us have just learned how to obtain it and others have not. If you are in the “have nots” group then while you are learning (and you are committing to learning, right?) use your free resources. Here are my final two resources:

FREE Consults from attorneys, accountants and financial advisors. There are many legal and financial professionals that will give you a free consult in order to try to obtain a business relationship with you. You may only need to use these professionals once or twice per year but you certainly need to establish the relationships. Ask for recommendations and request a free initial consult. Do not set up the consult without having some expectations. What questions do you have? What documents will you bring? What value can they bring to your business? Take notes and interview multiple professionals. Your FREE initial consult will probably be the only time you will get anything free from these professionals. Good legal and financial professionals come with a price tag but their return on investment is well worth the cost. You can calculate that return on investment by taking advantage of the FREE initial consultation and learning all about how they can help you and your business!

FREE CONSULT AND COACHING SERVICE FROM TOMEICO FAISON-Last but certainly not least, I offer one FREE initial 20 minute consult for any new client. I provide this consult not because I am intentionally trying to save you money but I want to prove that my services are valuable! I know with certainty that God has gifted me with entrepreneurship. I had my first business in middle school. I made the paper flyers for babysitting and pitched that I could babysit and tutor in math since I was excelling in that subject and knew a lot of kids who were struggling in math. My first payment for tutoring and babysitting matched the amount of our monthly welfare check. Later, I started an Avon business before the age of 16. My sister and I walked the streets of Duplin County from sun up until sun down refusing to give up even with multiple doors slammed in our face. After weeks of work, we hit the jack pot with an older lady who had a huge farm with migrant workers. She and her family bought almost everything in the book every time we visited. When I decided to go to college, I wanted to major in marketing. My high school marketing class was my favorite and I excelled in it but I was advised to go into health care for job security. I did not want to fail as a first generation college student so health care it was. I however always watched the students in suits who were part of the Kenan Flager Business School at UNC—-I knew I was made for business. Naturally then two years after completing OT school, I started my business–Therapeutic Solutions of NC–I had no formal business education. I have made many mistakes, lost a lot of money, overcame a lot of challenges, learned a lot from experience and am still standing fifteen years later. I still have a lot to learn but there is one thing that I do know, I am committed to life long learning in entrepreneurship and my clients are successful–often surpassing me in their business endeavors. My combination of coaching and consultation along with inspirational and informational resources is what brings value to every client that I am blessed to serve.

Wow, I now clearly see why I did not originally major in marketing. I was called into entrepreneurship but had to work in health care because health and human service professionals who really want to run businesses need help! This is my calling. Health and human service professionals want lifestyle businesses that bring in a profit that allows them to pay their bills and live comfortably while truly serving people. MY MISSION IS TO HELP AT LEAST ONE MILLION HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICE ENTREPRENEURS START AND GROW FUN, PROFITABLE AND SERVICE-ORIENTED BUSINESSES FOR UNDERSERVED POPULATIONS. So, I am on a mission and I hope you are too. Perhaps, our missions will collide and we will together help serve people who truly need us.

If you are a health and human service professional and you need help with your business, your FREE consult is waiting!

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