It’s the day after Christmas and I am up grinding this morning after several days of holiday socials. All were wonderful but truth be told, I am an introvert and my energy has been zapped but it is building up as I sit in my quite home office, type and reflect. This year has been what I call a recovery year for me as we bounced back from some challenges in 2017. Because we were recovering, it was very important to be resourceful, that is find free help. I personally know how tight cash flow can get as a small business owner for the past 15 years which is one of the reasons I am sharing these free resources. As stated in my previous post, daily blogging was not as realistic as I thought during the holiday season but I am sticking to ensuring that there is a free resource listed that accounts for every day until the New Year from the time I announced this endeavor. So, today I have five more FREE resources for you to consider as an entrepreneur!

Sponsorship: Did you know that local businesses may sponsor an event you have in order to get the word out about their business? If  you are hosting a workshop, lunch and learn or any type of event that requires food, then consider reaching out to local restaurants. Tell them about the population you serve and ask if they would be willing to make a donation and sponsor their event. It can be a win win for everyone involved!

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP): I love KDP!!! I am still very surprised that so many people do not realize that they can write and publish a book for FREE! Zero, nada dollars! Yep, and not just an ebook which I think are great but also hard copy books as well. KDP makes it easy for you to simply upload your writing and publish. You can also convert your ebook into a hard copy with just a few simple steps. I am not the most savvy person in the world but I figured it out. Creating affordable books is another way to market your services. You ARE an expert on something in your business so why not let others know it by promoting your book/s!

Adaptive Equipment and Technology Companies: If you are a health and human service professional who recommends technology, such as assistive technology or adaptive devices then contact the vendors and tell them what you do and ask for some FREE stuff! They most likely will send you samples. We have gotten items for free and loaner items because the vendors want us to show the items to our clients. It is beneficial for your clients because they do not have to order without trying something out first.  It’s a horrible feeling when someone orders something and then decide it is not a good fit for their daily routine. There are many companies that are more than happy to prevent this from happening!

Business Checking Accounts-FREE money: I am not joking…how in the world do you get FREE money from your business checking account. Well, I just learned how in 2018. I actually bank with a few different banks and all but one provided free cash for referring a friend to the bank if they opened up a business checking account. I have received as much as $100 just for one referral! Banks have promotions to get more business at certain times of the year. Ask one of the financial managers about their promotions and log those into your calendar so you don’t forget. When I first started referring others, it was simply to help them because I had good experiences with those banks. It was nice to know that some banks reward you for those efforts. Referral fees add up so don’t lose out on that FREE money!

Health Fairs-Local Parks and Recreations and other health organizations across the nation have Health Fairs which are sometimes FREE. We have participated in two FREE health fairs this year. These events are usually heavily marketed and provide light refreshments. At one of the health fairs, I was even given the opportunity to speak as were all of the vendors. What is your area of specialization: diabetes, mental health, arthritis, pediatrics, low vision, etc? There ARE health fairs for these speciality areas and your face should be in the place. All  you need to bring are your marketing materials and the ability to network because networking, works!

As I have said before, there are no excuses. The resources exist to help you become successful. Seek and you will find! Counting down to 2019 and praying that you will use your FREE resources and step into your business calling!

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