Fog Working

I recently signed up for Noom after my aunt recommended it. Noom is an app that uses cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to help their subscribers raise awareness about choices. There are lessons, coaches and other forms of accountability. In one of the lessons “fog eating” is discussed which is a term that describes eating without awareness. As a person who works often from home, fog eating has become almost as automatic as blinking! With raised awareness however, I have some tools in place to help me eat the right things more regularly. Like fog eating, I think we can also have fog work habits. That is we are going through the motions doing different things…keeping busy but not really knowing why we are doing what we are doing. Perhaps, we have said yes to too many things or perhaps we said yes for the wrong reasons, such as it looks good to others and I need it to validate me or it will put a little more money in my pocket that you might not even really need. Regardless you are doing stuff! Yeah, you busy! (I intentionally left out the are—can’t tell you how many people want to correct my grammar when I am free writing blog posts or SM…I know how to write formally and informally…I digress so back to the topic). So, yeah you busy but for what purpose/s? The vision board is a great way to look at your overall goals and plans. Many people like me like to create the vision board at the beginning of the year. One thing I am doing differently this year is adding notes under the photos that includes things I need to do to help make the vision come to pass. What I don’t want is to commit to a whole lot of things that don’t align with the vision and when I say vision, I am talking about visions I believe are given by God. Here is an article that includes 12 online vision board apps. If you can create the vision and make it clear, the fog work will likely disappear! Happy New Year! (I had to because it also rhymed!!)

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