So, first let me apologize that I have not blogged every single day. Forgive me please, overly ambitious is certainly one of my characteristics. It has worked well in some ways and not so well in others!  Although I have not blogged every day, I will hold to providing a resource to match every day until the New Year since I initiate this free resource blog so today I have three more resources, three more FREE resources!

Business Hubs-There is most likely a business hub near you. For the longest, we struggled to find a good meeting spot for our contractors. At one of our annual holiday events, one of the contractors who happened to be from another state asked me if we had ever tried to use one of the business hubs that offer free meeting space as well as support for entrepreneurs. What the what? She told me that she and her boyfriend not only utilized space at a  business hub called the Frontier but they regularly attending networking events. Of course, I immediately googled the Frontier and lo and behold it included everything she said and more!  We have since had several meetings at the Frontier and I am on their mailing list to stay in the know regarding upcoming events. The entrepreneurial energy at the Frontier is phenomenal. You see Food Trucks in the parking lot, enthusiastic groups with laptops, exhausted red-eyed groups laying on couches, conferences, workshops and small meetings surrounded by walls with inspirational information all for current and aspiring entrepreneurs. There are likely business hubs in your state so check out what is available on your frontier!

Grocery stores and Coffee Shops-No, I did not make a mistake, I meant to include the grocery store! You just never know….so what had happened was I found out from a friend of a friend that Whole Foods Grocery store has meeting rooms, meeting rooms with large smart tvs, meeting rooms with large smart tvs near good food! Once I found out about this free space, I held a couple of meetings there and enjoyed meeting and eating!  Coffee shops often have small intimate meeting rooms as well, some with white boards and smart tvs. I had a couple of advisory board meetings at local coffee shops and enjoyed the experience and who doesn’t want access to coffee during a meeting?

Last but not least

The Good Ole Library

I love the library, partly because I am a proud book worm! The library has several free resources for aspiring and current entrepreneurs. Rooms are available for meetings typically for a limited block of time, like two hours. In addition to the meeting rooms, libraries hosts workshops for entrepreneurs, such as tax workshops, bookkeeping, getting incorporated, etc. If for some reason, your local library does not have workshops for entrepreneurs then you can become active and requests these resources. They will most likely be willing to accommodate. And of course, the library has books, magazines and all kinds of print materials that can help an entrepreneur engage in life long learning to improve their business skill set for FREE.

No formal office yet or your space is too small, no problem. Don’t let it stop you from moving forward in your business. Your environment has FREE spaces all around just waiting for you to utilize!1052 

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