People are anxious these days and I think money has a lot to do with it.  Someone was recently pretty rude to me in a store as he blamed a certain political party for destroying the meat factories. Huh? He later apologized when I said that God will take care of us and that I was not worried. I cannot say that I never worry but I do work hard to mediate on the scripture that says to be anxious for nothing but with prayer and thanksgiving let your request be known to God and the peace which surpasses all understanding will guard your mind. Is your mind guarded or is it being allowed to run around like my aunt says, “a wild dog.” She is a counselor and often reminds me that the mind needs to be trained. So, if money is of concern right now, how might one train their mind to stay calm during this time of uncertainty. Below are three steps to consider that may help you stay calm until this storm passes.

1) Know what you need. How much money do you have going and going out and what do you need to break even? Because many financial institutions and organizations are allowing deferments at this time, could perhaps you not include those expenses in the break even analysis. For example, if expenses were $6,000 per month but $3000 can be deferred then the break even can be done on $3000.  One could ask how many treatments need to be done to make $3000 to cover expenses each month or what else can I do to bring in $3000 of revenue a month.

2) Use your resources and collaborative relationships. If you don’t have any resources or collaborations, then sister or brother, it might be time to start building those now. Every day, I am communicating and learning from others regarding what is available and how others are responding to the pandemic from a business perspective. One phone call with a local business owner, led me to $2000. Did you know community colleges, the SBA, SAMS club, celebrities, etc, etc are making funds available to business owners. If you are not looking for resources, then guess what, you probably will not find resources. Sometimes the collaborative conversations are just to encourage each other. Many people are in the same boat and just talking it out with others who can relate can be helpful.

3) Lastly, remember your why and focus on ways to creatively respond to the calling. I believe that money is attracted to service. I am in awe of the nontraditional income that is flowing towards my husband and I during this pandemic. Not once have we said anything about closing doors or not being able to make it. Maybe we are not exactly sure how things are going to go each and every day, particularly when persons are operating in fear or justifiably cancelling appointments but we are not focusing as much on the how but the why. My husband was called to counsel and I was called to help under-served populations and therapy entrepreneurs. Our why does not change because the economy changes…maybe the how changes and those hows seem to come when the why is consistent.

Ok, one more story. Yesterday, a lady said to me that people were being rude to her and that she was sick of everything and just wanted to go back to normal. I began to talk to her about gratitude and how much better off we are than many people in third world countries. She agreed that we are better off but went on to say that she liked that we were spoiled in America and that she was going to pout until things changed. Pout? What’s that all about? What will it do for your mind? For you? Probably turn it into the wild dog my aunt referred to in opposition of the trained mind. I believe in training…speaking of which I am doing with our four new puppies–see me and my baby girl below! Yes, I digress but my point is that we have things to be thankful for (like new puppies, our family and friends, a roof over our head, clean water) so in addition to the aforementioned, give that wild dog some gratitude treats!

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