One common excuse I hear from aspiring entrepreneurs is that they want to start a business but they do not have any money. I grew up hearing that money does not grow on trees so can completely understand how scarcity can invade one’s mind. Not having money is not an excuse to not do what you were made to do, like it or not (I could not resist–for those who know me personally, I am quite corny at times). My point is that there are resources that are available to you for FREE. I like FREE! By no means do I believe that you should always expect to get things for free. At some point, you will need to make sacrifices to pay for things in your business but you can still take advantage of the free resource that are in your environment waiting for utilization! Until 2019, I will write a short blog about a FREE resource that can help you in your business.

Resource #1-SCORE

“SCORE is a 501 nonprofit organization that provides free business mentoring services to prospective and established small business owners in the United States. More than 10,000 volunteers provide these services, with all volunteers being active and retired business executives and entrepreneurs.”  I used SCORE for a few years when I first moved into our current office. I had two older gentleman as mentors and neither of them had any experience in healthcare. I thought that they would not be able to help me with anything but I thought wrong. The fact of the matter is that although businesses differ heavily in the types of products and services offered, the core systems needed for success are virtually the same. My SCORE mentors had created some type of engineering product. One of them scaled their business and sold it and the other decided that when he retired, it retired. They both admitted to many mistakes and were able to teach me how to avoid those mistakes. They also had a strong network of other professionals that they referred me to often. I think the best part of working with SCORE was having the accountability. I was given homework and was expected to complete it, including annual financial projections which I hated doing!!

If you are ready to SCORE big in your business in 2019 and you could use some help from retired and experienced entrepreneurs, contact SCORE today!  Click:  LOCATE A LOCAL SCORE to find a FREE mentor near you!974 00

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