I remember attending a business workshop at church a few years ago and the presenter spoke about meetup.com. She asked how many people had heard of it and I was one who had not. She was shocked and stated that it was a great resource for current and aspiring entrepreneurs. After the presentation, I was curious enough about the potential of networking at these meetup groups to sign up for a local free meet-up. Due to schedule conflicts with my boys, I have only attended one but it was amazing!  I met like-minded minded business owners and the room was full of positive energy. You know the good feeling you get when you feel like you are amongst your people! That is the feeling I had. At this particular meet-up group, the format consisted of an entrepreneurial teaching which was also motivational in nature, a testimonial from a retired successful entrepreneur and then a discussion about a book the group was reading. At the end, the group formed a circle and someone prayed for the businesses. The entire event was free and in a very nice venue.

So what is exactly is meetup.com? The website puts it like this:  “Getting together with real people in real life makes powerful things happen. Side hustles become careers, ideas become movements, and chance encounters become lifelong connections. Meetup brings people together to create thriving communities.”

So, it is all about meeting up with others and doing things with like-minded people. Don’t see a meetup near you for entrepreneurs, then you can create your own! You never know who might end up in your group. Uncomfortable with meeting up with strangers? I know, I know, me too! I am 100% introverted–I don’t get energized from being at events with strangers. However, I do know that networking, works. Below is an article with tips for socializing at a meetup. Check it out and consider checking out a meetup group near you!

Tips on Socializing at Meetups!

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