I am actually on an end of the year retreat at the beach. Although I have been able to relax, attend a comedy show, learn to play poker, watch tv with my kids and stare at the ocean waves admiring the glory of God, I have also been working. My work is enjoyable and I am glad that I know my purpose, to help at least one million health and human service professionals start and grow their businesses. I think when you know your purpose, your mission in work, you don’t think negatively about it..it is part of your life and it gives you energy. Over the past two days, the ideas have flowed about how I can help more health and human service entrepreneurs in 2019. My plan is to continue to offer content that brings value to my clients and audience. Speaking of content, here are three more FREE resources for the entrepreneurs on a shoe-string budget!

Mailchimp—Oh how I love mailchimp! It is a user-friendly marketing platform for entrepreneurs. I use it mainly to create email list and send out newsletters with informational and inspirational resources. With mailchimp, you can see who has opened your mail and use the data for strategic planning. There are a lot of other things you can do with mailchimp, like create landing pages and if you have no idea how to do anything on mailchimp, no worries. There are great tutorials that show you how to do just what you need to do step by step!

Flickr–Need cool pictures for your website, your mailchimp newsletter and/or other marketing materials? No need to continue to surf the web for photos that you are “allowed” to use, check out flickr!  Flickr is a global photography company with BILLIONS of photos. In my opinion the photos are amazing—not bland boring. Don’t just take my word for it, check out the photos at https://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/free/

FREE RETREAT-I know this is another freebie that sounds strange but a girl on a budget learned how to take vacations for free a long time ago! Should you need a 2-4 day business retreat for exploring expansion or to get away and strategically plan but your money is looking funny, then you might want to consider a timeshare retreat. So how does it work? There are many companies that have time shares and they offer you free stays at their resort in exchange for attending a 2-3 hour presentation about their properties with hopes that you might purchase a property at the end of the presentation or some time in the future.  In my experience, I have always been told that there is no obligation to buy and as long as you participate until the end, free gifts are offered which typically include the option of a free vacation stay.  I have never had a bad experience with my free stays and the best part of the those stays were, well …..the stays were FREE!

Well, I have now provided 20 FREE resources and only have one more to share before 2019! I can’t wait to share it with you before we move into the New Year!

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