Today is my oldest son’s 19th birthday. I woke up in the middle of the night, thinking about giving birth. The pain that was involved and the pleasure that followed. Despite the pleasure, I vowed at one point, no more kids…birth hurt! Not to mention all the things that I was told about my inability to have a second child. But seven years, later, Thing 2 arrived—pain in labor, pleasure and a journey.

I have three OT friends who are all pregnant right now. One is a first time mother and the other two are having their second child.  I am so happy for all of them and their future motherhood journey! Like motherhood, entrepreneurship is a journey, filled with many unknowns, sometimes pain but ultimately for me, a lot of pleasure. Pleasure in service and being obedient to a calling. Sometimes, on the journey, a second birth takes place. That is, you may notice that you have added on new services that are not the same as your original services. I found myself in that situation recently with Therapeutic Solutions, a company originally created to serve people with mental health and or developmental disability diagnoses. After nine years in business, low vision rehab services were being provided. There was actually some confusion about exactly what we did to some of our clients which is when I decided to give birth a second time. Here are a couple of ways you can give birth to a second business when you notice distinct differences in services.

  • Form a DBA-Doing Business As. You can actually use a different business name with a DBA and keep the same original business incorporation and EIN number. Currently Low Vision Rehab Solutions and Faison Consulting are DBAs under Therapeutic Solutions
  • Create a new and separate entity-Next year, a partner will join me in creating and running, Low Vision Rehab Solutions as its own entity. If I am going to have multiple births, I personally prefer a partner! I anticipate some labor pains with this new birth but also more pleasure as a complimentary partner can help the company better serve more people.

Are you ready to birth something new? If so, does it fit nicely under your current business umbrella, need to be a DBA or perhaps a whole new entity?

Here is an article about choosing the DBA route:  What Is DBA and When Does Your Business Need One? – NerdWallet

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