Staci Wilson, OTR

Having just completed the certificate in low vision rehabilitation OT program at the University of Alabama – Birmingham in the Fall of 2016, I knew I wanted to help people with low vision obtain access to low vision rehabilitation services in my area. I found Tomeico Faison via her company’s webpage for Therapeutic Solutions of NC. Immediately I was astonished. I thought, “this is exactly what I see myself doing, but how?”. Through Tomeico’s business consulting and coaching services, I established the foundation for my practice The Rehab Firm , set attainable goals through Tomeico’s strategic development planning, and pull it all together by attending Tomeico’s Workshop “Ten Simple Steps to Independent Contracting”. Just as I was seeing the end of the path, my area was affected significantly by Hurricane Harvey. Tomeico again showed me how dedicated she was to me seeing my vision through by encouraging me to stay the course and that she and the other great therapists that work for her company were invested in my success and progress during the aftermath of the storm. I can proudly say that I accepted a referral for OT low vision rehabilitation services and completed my first OT low vision evaluation within 10 months of consulting with Tomeico! I’m excited to see how we grow!