The Other IG

I shared recently that when someone asked me about my IG a few years ago that I had no idea what they were talking about. I had Instagram at the time but did not use it much and was ignorant to the fact that people actually requested the IG handle of others to follow and for future communication. I know what it means now and occasionally share but also love acronyms and have come up with my own words for IG-Intentionally Giving. In my experience, giving has been one of the most rewarding aspects of owning a business. As a servant leader, you give of your time, you share resources, you give your ideas, you give for the greater good. I also believe in giving money. Even when my business was going through financial hardship, I started a nonprofit which cost money because I felt God was leading me to do it. Trust me, there was some wondering about if I heard the calling correctly because a sista was about broke. Someone even asked me what my problem was and adamant that you don’t give until you are making a lot of money. My belief is that regardless of what is going on, I must be intentional about giving because people were intentional about giving to me when I did not have. From the rides to events when I was a teenager who didn’t have a car, to food being dropped off which was leftover from bakeries and grocery stores to people taking time to speak life into me, believing in me more than I believed in myself. People gave, I received and I now I give to those who will receive who will hopefully give and the cycle will continue. Some people call it play it forward but Imma go with my IG-my intentional giving! I am blessed to be afforded opportunities to give in diverse ways! Here are three ways I plan to give this year:

  1. Donate to nonprofits-I select a few nonprofits to give to throughout the year which may include donating time and/or money. You can also donate resources, do a presentation or serve on a nonprofit board.
  2. Start scholarships-Plans loading! We cannot deny the stress of financial hardship, particularly of our students. I remember all too well, working 2-3 jobs in college and giving plasma regularly for $$. I still have the holes in my arms as a reminder. I never want to forget that every dollar counts, especially when you are broke!
  3. Offer FREE events -Q & A sessions and other creative events. Btw, y’all seen OT Shark-ish Tank? If not head over to my FB Group-Occupational Therapy Entrepreneurs-We are going to have some fun! I just came up with another idea that will be shared next month–love me some creative ideas)

Here is an article about the benefits of giving. Of course, we do not give just to get! The blessings are inevitable but it’s about the greater good and for that reason I am intentional! What about you and your business, what’s your IG plan?

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