Do you need to take some classes on small business? Are you struggling with the business aspect of your business? That is, are you a great clinician but a not so great business owner? I remember when I had no idea what my accountant was talking about when he said certain words. In my mind, I thought, could he just speak in plain English! He however was speaking in plain English I just was ignorant of basic business vocabulary. Over the years, I have learned business basics and continue to utilize is the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at our local community college. We have so much support from free conferences to business coaches to motivational speakers! Guess what, our local community college is not the only community college with these resources. In fact, there are over 900 Small Business Development Centers across the United States! These centers work with the Small Business Association to offer support to YOU! There is even support for securing funding.

I think one of the most beneficial presentations I attended at our local Small Business Development Center was on e-procurement. If you ever want to do business with the state government, learning about their e-procurement system and how one can stay up to date on government needs and their Request for Proposals (RFPs) is very beneficial. Have no idea what I am talking about but interested, then check out your local SBDC! Seriously, their classes are usually FREE and you have the opportunity to not only learn but network. The head of our local SBDC became my mentor for Toastmasters and also a guest speaker at an event we held at our church for entrepreneur members. I am now on her email list and get weekly updates on the events and offerings going on throughout our state! She keeps me on my toes and has introduced me to some great opportunities.

For more information on Small Business Development Centers, check out this article:  The 10 Best Small Business Development Centers In America. The article was written in 2011 so the top ten list may have changed but nevertheless it shares great information about this resource! Can’t afford to go back to school, no problem! Work full time day hours, no problem! Don’t know where to start? No problem. The Small Business Development Centers offer free classes, flexible evening and weekend workshops as well as online options and 1:1 business counseling and coaching so no excuses! If you want an advantage in business then take advantage of the resources at the Small Business Development Center near you!881 00

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