So, my weekend was busy! We had three basketball games and two Christmas parties within 48 hours! The first game was Friday night and my sixteen year old was pumped up as it was homecoming and their team was playing a team with a top national recruit who is 6’10. Energy was high and my son seemed to have a blast showing no signs of being intimidated. My sister and her family came up and we enjoyed screaming and laughing the entire game! The second game was for a local church league that my son plays for and it was Saturday morning. He did not get much playing time and was dragging from being up late the night before. The last game took place Saturday evening and was my nine year old’s first game since he was three and quit because the ball hit him in the head. He was super nervous as my older son continuously verbally recalled the day the ball hit him in the head! Although annoyed by his older brother, he came out as a defensive nightmare, forcing five turnovers from the other team. They won 21 to 1 and he was feeling proud.

In addition to these two games, we also had an African-American parent affinity group Christmas party with my older son’s school immediately after my youngest son’s game. I loved catching up with parents and connecting but by the time Sunday came, I was dragging. After church, I rushed to get my Angel tree gift, cooked dinner and sat for a few breaths while the kids played with their friends. Well, I thought it was just a few breaths until I realized it was time for the church Christmas party.  My husband was out of town working on one of our rental properties so I was handling things solo and was behind. We arrived at the Christmas party only to find the kids singing their song on stage while my youngest shouted, “We missed it! We are late but I still want my goody bag!” And so he got his goody bag and I mingled with new people as we are visiting this church and still getting to know people.  Heading out of the parking lot to end the weekend, I witnessed someone hitting my car. An older lady backed right into it and then put her car in drive as if she was heading off. I ran to her car and told her what I witnessed and she admitted that she thought she had hit something so we exchange info. while my kids who are now full of church cake are bouncing off the walls to music from their sugar rush.  Why I am telling about my weekend? I want to paint a picture that I my life is full. All weekends are not so busy with juggling multiple tasks but I am a wife, a mom, an entrepreneur and I love church, family and friends. That being said, efficiency is important! I am not one to shy away from resources that can make my life easier as I believe in working smarter not harder!  Below are three free resources that can help you with efficiency in business and perhaps, life as well.

DueDigital invoices and payments! Due also includes a lot of content such as ebooks and blogs to help entrepreneurs better understand the digital world. The following guides are included on their website: ecash, freelancer, designer, programmer, payroll, consultant and photographer. You know what to do, check out Due! ( I couldn’t resist!)

Bplans-Fail to plan to fail! Business plans help entrepreneurs to know where they are going but one business plan does not fit all. I operated for years using a nontraditional business plan and it has evolved over time. Bplans offers over 500 free sample business plans and templates as well as content related to business plans. Handle your business with bplans!

Evernote-Evernote is probably more commonly known than the aforementioned free resources but I want to include it because I have seen young people use it and it worked wonders for their organizational deficits. Evernote “helps you capture and prioritize ideas, projects, and to-do lists, so nothing falls through the cracks.” It is like having digital sticky notes that are actually organized.  Some other features include the ability to scan, sync notes and even key word search notes. If there was ever a time to organize your notes, this is the time so check out Evernote!

I hope you find at least one of these three resources useful in your entrepreneurship endeavors because if you are a juggler of multiple roles and have to roll with the punches (I am on a roll), don’t roll your eyes at these resources but roll up your sleeves and check out Due, Bplans and Evernote!

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