In 2018, I am truly surprised with the number of people who refuse to implement technology into their businesses because of down right fear of change. “We have always used paper” and “technology is too complicated and expensive” are just some of the excuses I have heard.  Personally, my risk-taking self, loves some of the efficiencies that technology affords our company. Have there been challenges with technology? Absolutely!  Is there a learning curve? For sure! Do we have to pay for it? Yes, of course!! However, even so, the benefits of using technology for efficiency have been well worth dealing with the challenges, going up the learning curve and dishing out the dinero!  Below are three ways we have implemented technology for efficiency at Therapeutic Solutions, that may be beneficial to you too!

  • Electronic fax-No more dial up and paper faxing! We use Sfax to send and receive documents! We use the HIPAA compliant version and can simply upload PDFs to send faxes out. Faxes are received digitally even if a person has a dial up fax. You simply give them the fax number that is issued to you and the faxes come to you in a digital format that can be exported and downloaded. Your information is archived so no more worrying about where the loose fax paper went!
  • Electronic signatures. We realized last year that we were using paper unnecessarily when persons needed to sign documents. We discovered Digisigner and Docusign. Not only can you sign documents personally but you can also send documents to others to sign. You can add dates and text to documents—even PDFs! How cool is that!
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR). The EMR is really a no brainer to me but some folks are still doing paper documentation. Come away from the dark side! There are so many advantages for using an EMR! Your information is typically saved in a cloud and it is easier to download with a click versus having closets and closets of folders with big large numbered stickers on them! You can generate data reports easily—such as reports on referral sources, productivity, billing, conversion rates, etc. Your audit trail is more easily accessible. You may be able to customize your EMR like we did! These are just a few of the benefits!

Well if you are still not convinced but are even slightly considering any of these options, I would highly suggest doing a demo or trial for any of the aforementioned. I included a few names of companies but trust me, there are a lot of options and the sales representatives are eager to show you why you should choose theirs!  Create a list of questions, set your budget (there are affordable options—the three options above combined for one person can be less than $50 per month, seriously!) and give a few of these companies a call. During your trial session, contact the representatives as much as needed and you will get an idea of the kind of support you will have access to should you choose to move forward.  And you are going to choose to move forward, right? For to be tech savvy or not to be tech savvy in this day and time, really, there is no question!

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