Hi everyone! Happy belated New Year! Some may say there is  nothing happy about the New Year as it certainly came in with its on challenges but I am convinced that things will get better. If I don’t have hope for better then I might as well go sit down somewhere as my mom would say! That hope however is not stagnant but requires action! Faith without works is dead! So, we have work to do but I ask the question, what kind of work?

All too often people become infatuated with the work of others and although there is nothing wrong with admiring the work of others there is a problem when one cannot distinguish the work in which they are called from the work in which those whom we admire are called.  We all have unique gifts and talents! There is ONLY one you–there are no carbon copies, no replicas, no one else has your fingerprint! So why is it that too often people want to literally be someone else. I am convinced it is time has not been taken to reflect on two questions:  Who I am I and what am I called to do? So we become someone else or at least attempt to become as we cannot truly be anyone else not as a person, not as an entrepreneur. What road map does your entrepreneurial gps include? Have you got off of course because everyone is doing telehealth so you must do it too, right? Or perhaps, another person is killing it on TicToc–so you must do it too but you don’t even like the camera and are struggling with the videos…you actually prefer Clubhouse but you are looking at how awesome the other entrepreneur is doing on TicToc.

Suppose you are driving and you put an address in your gps but as you are headed toward your destination you see a nicer car going in the complete opposite direction. Awe struck by the beauty of the car,  you start to follow it, turning when they turn. Well when they get to their destination, they may celebrate but you are disappointed because you originally had put a destination in your gps–had directions but you got sidetracked. Entrepreneurs there is a lot around us, good and not so good, that can lead us down the wrong path. If you don’t know how you have ended up where you are, it may be a good time to reset the gps and get back to where your mission originally had you going! Here is an article about some common reasons that entrepreneurs get sidetracked. Click below to read and please take heed to #7 and take some time for yourself! And on that note, I am setting goals to get my nails done, drink tea, sit on the porch and think about nothing

7 Ways You’re Getting Distracted as an Entrepreneur

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