I felt like darkness was closing in around me. In spite of trying to sound strong, my voice was shaking. The numbers were telling a story….unfortunately a story that could potentially lead to a tragic ending. “Get rid of it,” I was told regarding a service that was causing a financial bleed that needed much more than a small bandage. Although I highly respected the person who was giving me council, I could not agree. My VISION was too clear. How could I have a company that had a vision to be a global model for nontraditional occupational therapy services if I could not sustain the largest service in the business? After hearing from everyone at the table, I shared my plan and VISION and was told if I could make it work, it would be a miracle.

Did I just hear miracle?

I love the word because I have seen miracles time and time again in my life. As I have shared previously my oldest son was born three months premature and is now almost 6’3 rising senior with none of the previously predicted diagnoses—a miracle, about ten years ago, my biological father was given a few days to live because when the doctors attempted surgery, they said his pancreas was like mud but in two days his pancreas was unexpectedly healed and he now looks like he is forty without any grey hairs—a miracle, my grandma was told to have heart surgery as her prognosis was not good with her heart and other health conditions but she decided to decline it—ten years later, she lives alone at 83 and looks like she is aging backwards—a real Benjamin Button—and a miracle.

I believe that FAITH produces miracles but the VISION must be clear! What do you see as the VISION for your business and is it clear? No doubt, if you are in business long enough, you will encounter obstacles, some that will shake you to the core of your soul, have you crying and wanting to say forget it all but just a reminder that a strong VISION and a burning desire as Napoleon Hill said can help you overcome those obstacles. I am not speaking from just what I have heard or read but instead of what I have experienced.  Two years after having the meeting at the table, the same person who told me to get rid of it, laughs and throws his hands up, saying, “It’s a miracle.” I remind him that he too was part of that process—sent from God to help me build up my faith in spite of what I see, in spite of what others are saying to stay true to the VISION.

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My 2020 Vision is Clear–Continue to help health and  human service entrepreneurs like you!  What about yours? Contact me today if you need further guidance in developing and realizing your business VISION.

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