Entrepreneurs, do you work with your family members? I was warned in the past to be very careful about mixing family and business! However, I do mix the two! Iris Kimberg and I are going to be talking all about being a mom and running a business as well as having family members as staff. It can be quite convenient right? Hey, son who can now drive, why don’t you go pick up the mail for me? Can you drop this off?

Hey, younger middle schooler, I know you can take out the trash! My kids have been great about helping out but do they actually want the business one day? My younger son told me clearly that he would be building PCs and my oldest well..he has his NBA dreams and has been a frequent number one sales person at his part time job–plus he will soon be leaving for college. So what is a mompreneur to do?  Well, my husband is still around right? He is a counselor and we contract together and of course, when we get off we can talk all about …..our kids and our work!  We are getting better but it sure can be hard to separate work and your personal life when it is a family affair. Nevertheless, I am thankful for how we grow together in different areas and are comfortable enough with each other to tell each other to turn it off sometimes!

Here are a couple of tips that have helped me work with family:

  1. Create a real job description for your kids and include them on the real payroll so all is tracked. My son has a time sheet and my bookkeeper does his payroll!
  2. If you work with your partner, hold each other accountable to have set times to discuss work–like not when you are lying in bed for example!
  3. Pay your family fairly.  Let’s not try to get over on a family member and let’s not let them get over on us!

After all, we have it’s a family affair even when you are not working and we want to get along!  Don’t miss the upcoming podcast where Iris and I talk more about our family affairs and lessons learned!  Click here to listen to previous podcast and listen to future shows!

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