My sister runs a therapy company in a rural part of North Carolina. We always joke and accuse each other of copying one another. Her services however are for children birth to three who need early intervention and my company’s services are mostly for adults and seniors in the community. Although the population we serve is different, there is one thing that our companies have in common. We believe in serving the under-served. When I say under-served, I mean people who are not getting services that they need in order to live the life that they desire. It brings tears to my eyes, when I think about a conversation that my sister and I had a few years ago. She said, too often, kids “age out” of early intervention programs in certain parts of the state. “What does age out mean?” I said. She then explained that if there are not service providers for young children, the government agency documents and the child waits and waits and waits for services until he/she no longer qualifies for that service. As a mother of a son who was born three months premature, I cannot imagine a child not getting what he or she needs because of limited providers in the area. The government is aware of these needs and I believe efforts are made to bring in providers. More therapy programs are opening and more incentives are in place to serve the under-served. Contracting with the government is one way to help meet unmet needs! If you too have a heart for under-served populations, I encourage you to do a needs assessment and determine where the gaps are and seek out the opportunities to help fill those gaps! Seniors, adults and children are waiting.

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