Well, it is not Tuesday so I will have to call today’s post-Ask T Wednesday!  My Tuesday was quite busy studying an RFP so today’s question is what is an RFP? The link below best explains an RFP.  Minority owned businesses often get extra points on their proposals if the business is certified as such–more on this topic next Tuesday! So, if you are interested in contracting with the state or federal government learn all you can about RFPs and if you can get your hands on winning RFPs you are a few steps ahead! If you don’t like to write, consider hiring someone to complete the RFP for you but learn from them! Health and human service professionals there are a lot of RFPs out there just for us! Don’t be intimidated by the amount of paper. Remember you are an educated professional and you can answer questions intelligently! If you have any tips on writing an RFP, please share!

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